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The Hollywood Craze With Teenage Stars

pastillaz.comThe child star is by no means a new phenomenon. In Shakespeare's day, for example, the parts of female leads were often played by young boys. These boys could become so popular that there was at least one case in which one theatrical company had its young star kidnapped by a rival troupe. The latter troupe hoped to force the boy to act in its plays, and thus secure a bigger audience.

However, these days, it seems as if practically all the famous people in entertainment are teenagers, or at least start out that way when they first become famous. In the United States, prime examples include Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, and Taylor Swift. If we are willing to go across the pond, one of the hottest European pop acts of the 2000's, Tokio Hotel, is made up of very young members. Its lead singer, Bill Kaulitz, was in his mid-teens when the band broke into the European charts. Now just barely into his twenties, he and his band have been making major inroads into the market of the United States and elsewhere.

What with all these spring chickens crowding the marketplace, it almost looks as if there is very little room for older people in entertainment. Even great stars must bow to aging, to which women are especially vulnerable.

Of course, one of the most dramatic ways to address aging is to go to a cosmetic surgeon. Unfortunately, the results are not always as one would like, or the public does not like them. For instance, popular film critic Stephanie Zacharek has complained multiple times about what she sees as the sudden and recent immobility of Nicole Kidman's facial muscles. Zacharek attributes this distressing development to the overzealous use of Botox.

Older people wanting to break into entertainment, or wanting to maintain their established place in show business may be leery of cosmetic surgery. Some of them may find (talking to) that it is against their values, while others fear botched or awkward results. What, then, can people in entertainment do to maintain a youthful appearance?

Well, plenty. The tabloids document many "secrets" stars use to stay fit and young-looking. However, these means (high-end training, special diets, etc.) can be expensive—often prohibitively so for entertainers who are not fabulously rich. In that case, cheaper methods might be employed to prevent aging from proceeding too quickly.

Plenty of products on the market purport to do this, and many of them are quite affordable. The real question becomes whether or not they are effective. One of the most promising products on offer is the human growth hormone supplement pill. Now, many people are misled by the product's name into assuming that the pills contain the actual hormone. This may not be the case. Rather, the pills contain ingredients that "encourage" the user's body to produce more human growth hormone: a powerful chemical whose production tends to fall later in life. Its decline is associated with loss of muscle mass, bone strength, skin tone, hair, and other signs of youth. For the entertainer who wants to maintain his or her youthfulness without spending like a Hollywood millionaire, it might be worthwhile to look into this product.

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