About Us

Our Congregation, The Daughters of Providence for the Deaf and Dumb was established in Modena, Italy in 1828 by a priest Rev. Fr Severino Fabriani inspired by God renewing Jesus miracle in which he makes the deaf hear and the dumb speak. (Mark 7; 37) According to this charisma,we dedicate ourselves for the education formation and training the hearing impaired, giving them the knowledge of God and  letting them to experience the love of God.

As a result of spreading our service to the other places in Italy, our mission was successfully carried out to Casola, Rome and Carpi at the beginning. To reach the hearing impaired brethrens in other countries, we   carried our mission to Brazil, Nigeria and Sri Lanka where the congregation  embedded successfully.

Wherever we are, we welcome, we serve hearing impaired,without irrespective of race, religion, sex or any kind of differences.

In each country we serve, we have been conducting and maintaining our own schools, hostels and various associations (Don Severino Fabriani Deaf Association) .Through all these institutes and associations they get the opportunities and knowledge to discover and achieve the goals of their lives.

 The students in our schools obtain
  • Better education
  • Opportunities to improve their various talents
  • The strength to be independent in the society
  • The faith in God to grow up spiritually
  • The greatness and the moral values of the life
  • The value of life and how to solve the problems in life as good Christians

We give our service not only to the hearing impaired but also to the other children as well .We involve in various activities ,for instance, laying the foundation for education ,maintaining and conducting the Pre-schools for hearing children.

Further, we render our fullest support in the parish activities, giving catechism in Sunday schools, taking the Holy Communion to the sick, preparing the children to receive the sacraments and teaching the catechism for the adults who have been converted.  We visit the families and encourage them to build up as united Christian families for a better world.
In this way we have become the co workers in mother church who carry out the Lord’s mission to the world