The History

The special events of the life of Rev Fr Severino Fabriani

Birth :7th of January 1792 (In the village of Spiamberto)
Entering the seminary :1806
Ordination :17th of December 1814
Suffering from Aphasia which influenced him to start the congregation :1st of January 1822
The foundation of the congregation :1828

:27th of August

The founder –Rev Fr Don severino Fabriani was a

  • Writer
  • Educationist
  • Historian
  • Theologian
  • Physcist
  • Natural scientis
The spreading of our congregation in Italy
Modena - 1828
Casola - 1934
Rome - 1953
Carpi - 1978
Our journey through the world
Brazil - 1976
Sri Lanka - 1996
Nigeria - 2003


The special events in Sri Lnka
1986 The 1st Sri Lankan sister, Rev Sr Deborah Wijesinghe Joining with the congregation
1996 On the invitation of His Eminence Malcome Cardinal Ranjith The Archbishop of Colombo, the congregation Arrived in Sri Lanka
11th of June 1997 The 1st house of our congregation in Sri Lanka was opened At Palangature in archdiocese of Colombo by the former Archbishop of Colombo Rt Rev Dr. Nicholas Marcus Fernando and His Eminence Malcom Cardinal Ranjith
1998 Don Severino Fabriani Pre- school for hearing and hearing Impaired was opened at Plangature
1st of January 2003 The opening of the 2nd house of our congregation in Waikkala
2004 The starting of the Primary school for hearing impaired at Palangature
8th of July 2006 The opening of Don Severino Fabrian Institute for hearing Impaired in Waikkala by the Bishop of Chillaw Rt. Rev .Dr. Frank Marcus Fernanado
8th of June 2008 The opening of Domus house hostel at Waikkala By the Bishop of Chillaw Rt. Rev.Dr . Valence Mendis

This emphazises the dedication of the sisters towards hearing impaired same as the mother pelican feeds the little ones with its own blood piercing its own chest .